Why Swingers Are Happier People: Sexual Exploration & Openness Brings Joy

If you're new to the swinging lifestyle, you may find that you're nervous about what kind of people you'll meet. However, we've found that in many years of swinging between us, we've found most of the swingers we've met to be happy, gentle, more relaxed people than those who don't swing.

Why are swingers happier?

Here's a secret: it's not about how much sex they're having.

Of course, having a lot of sex always helps. But we've found that especially in relationships, how MUCH sex doesn't make so much of a difference as what KIND of sex.

Swinging with your partner is the ultimate show of trust in your relationship. If you didn't trust the person you're swinging with, you'd never let them share this kind of experience with you. Trust is always important in a relationship, but it rarely gets tested. When you have a partner that is willing to swing with you, you know that this is a person that values you and trusts you enough to explore a liberated, exciting lifestyle with you.

Most of the couples we know that practice swinging together have told us how much better their relationship is afterwards, even when they're alone together. Remembering the experience gives them a vicarious thrill, and being able to share it brings another level of intimacy to the relationship.

Swingers are more sexually liberated.

Again, this has very little to do with how much sex swingers are actually having. This aspect of swinger culture has a lot more to do with how comfortable swingers feel about living outside the bounds of what society traditionally considers "acceptable."

Society pretty much says that the only "acceptable" sex is one man, one woman, in one locked room with the lights off (maybe in just the missionary position). Even the people who consider themselves to be more "liberated" rarely go too far beyond this "acceptable" behavior.

Swingers are different.

Swingers know that sex is a fantastic, beautiful, and enjoyable thing that should be enjoyed with as many safe, sane and consenting partners as you and your partner feel is desirable.

Swingers know that there's nothing morally wrong about sharing sex partners, as long as no one in the relationship is getting deceived or taken advantage of. This puts them ahead of a lot of other people in happiness for one important reason.

Swingers are psychologically and internally comfortable with their sexual choices.

While many people face conflict their whole lives in conflict with their sexual desires, swingers are much more at peace. They consistently go after their wildest sexual dreams, and are able to achieve them in an exciting, safely negotiated way.

There's little conflict for a swinger between what's socially acceptable and what they enjoy. They know that society is overly-restrictive, and they don't care. Swingers are sexually liberated people who don't care that a lot of people think what they're doing is "weird." It's no one else's business.

Swinger culture is not necessarily counter-culture.

We exist in every facet of society, and swinging does not determine how we vote, how we dress, or how we act. It just means that swingers are more happy and at peace with the world.

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